Why you are unhealthy; habits to ditch this year

You would like nothing more than to be healthy, to pursue a healthy lifestyle, to exercise, to follow a good diet plan, to burn more calories than you take in, to cultivate good health habits. But you find yourself going back to your old ways, doing things the same way you’ve always done.

Are you aware that our everyday habits have a huge impact on our health, and the reason why you are unhealthy today is a sum total of all the little bad habits you indulged in yesterday? Science has proven that while certain habits are linked to well-being, others have a negative impact. The choice is up to you.

To finally take back control and be in the best health possible, here are the bad habits you need to ditch ASAP:

Getting very little sleep: When you are young, you think you are invincible and good sleep is not just a habit you cultivate. But to live optimally and function at your best, you need at least 8 hours of nightly sleep. Terrible things happen to your body when it is sleep deprived. Your hormone levels, immune system, mood and ability to focus suffer.

unhealthy habits

To break this habit, be more mindful about sleep. Stay clear of caffeine several hours before bedtime. Get rid of the distractions, take a warm shower, dim your lights and make your sleeping place as quiet as possible.

Binge drinking: Alcohol and diet have never been friends, as alcohol disrupts your immune system. If you are the personality type that indulges in binge drinking, you are at a high risk of developing high blood pressure and sustaining liver damage. No one is asking you to become a teetotaler, but you will do well to enjoy alcohol only in moderation.

Not getting regular exercise: Exercising regularly has huge benefits; it keeps you feeling and looking great, helps to maintain a healthy weight, as well as boosts your energy. Studies also show that It may help you live longer, keeps your heart healthy; lowers your susceptibility to some types of chronic disease, improves the blood flow to your brain, and helps with blood sugar control.

unhealthy habits

Not taking care of your teeth: Dentists like to extol the virtues of flossing and brushing regularly. Do well to make your dentist happy. Brush in the morning and in the night and always floss. When you don’t, you are preparing yourself for a long fight with gum disease.

Oral hygiene is something very easy to maintain, but also very difficult to regain once it is lost once. Because bad oral hygiene is a forerunner to other health problems, make it a habit to floss in the morning and evening. Make it an unbreakable habit to brush twice daily. And never skip on your dentist’s appointments.

Too much-processed foods: Fast food is fast and affordable but it does nothing for your health. Find healthy substitutes to eat instead of living entirely off processed foods. As much as you can, you should try to prepare your own lunch pack and take to work.

Not staying hydrated: It is said that water is life, and staying hydrated is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Water helps your kidneys clear your body of toxins, helps your muscles and joints to function more effectively and keeps your skin supple. Chances are high that you are not getting enough water, but you can break free of that habit. To do so, carry a water bottle everywhere with you and aim for six glasses of water a day.

unhealthy habits

Not eating breakfast: Breakfast still remains the most important meal of the day, but a lot of us rush out of our homes each morning, skipping this all-important meal. Reasons you should start eating breakfast everyday include the fact that It kickstarts your metabolism, and encourages you to make healthier food choices later in the day. This importance cannot be overemphasized for those who are on a weight loss journey and are trying to follow a good diet plan. If you are very busy, pre-plan your breakfast every night, and if you can, prep. That way, you only need take a few minutes each morning to throw everything together for a great healthy meal.

Late night eating: This is a big no no. When you snack late at night just before going to bed, the calories you take in rev your metabolism and increases your body temperature, interferes with your REM sleep cycle and interrupts your sleep. To break the habit, move your dinner earlier into the night.

Walking in high heels: Heels are not designed for long term wear, no matter how comfortable they are. When you spend hours in heels, you put unnecessary strain on your hips, your back and your knees. While your body is still young and resilient, you won’t yet feel the impact. But as you grow older, these can hurt you. Wear flats when out commuting to break this habit.

Spending too much time on screen time: Spending too much time watching TV or staying glued to our phones and iPad does terrible things to the human body. Because you are seated so much doing these, you increase your risk of weight problems and weight related diseases. You may also develop muscular problems that you could have avoided by making a conscious effort to disconnect from screens throughout the day.

No preventive healthcare: You will do yourself a world of good by staying up to date with regular appointments, vaccines, and exams so that you can uncover simple health problems before they become serious. Start today by scheduling a checkup with your doctor to create a health plan that works for you.


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