Let’s begin with basic definitions.  A wardrobe staple or a fashion staple is something you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe.

That said, are you aware that there are certain fashion pieces that transcend time and trends? Trends will come and go. While they come and go, there are certain wardrobe essentials that will last for all time. These are classic and timeless pieces that will help you be a fashionista in your own right, and that will help you combine outfits together in a breathtaking manner. And what more, these essentials will ensure that you never spend a single moment wondering what to wear, ever again.

wardrobe staples

So, what are these wardrobe staples every woman must have in her wheelhouse? Here they are:

A white T-shirt: This is the building block and the very basic foundation upon which any wardrobe should be built. A white Tee is versatile as it can be combined with just about any other piece and is a piece of clothing that you can put on any day of the year. It goes perfectly with denims, colored pants, printed shorts, and even pairs great with a suit.

The LBD: No wardrobe is complete without a little black dress. A little black dress is either a black evening dress or a cocktail dress that is simplicity personified in its simple and often short cut. It is a gown that is versatile, affordable, long lasting and easily accessible. Because it is in a neutral color, it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For example, you can pair it with a jacket and pumps for daytime wear and still wear the same gown with jewelry and accessories for evening wear or a formal event.

The black pants: Following a white T shirt, you cannot live without a pair of black pants, as it is a foundation piece to build on. It is a timeless piece that will stay in your wardrobe for a very long time.

A blazer: A longline blazer is a required piece for any and all seasons. It can be worn with dresses during the day as day wear and paired with leggings or skinny jeans for a night out.

wardrobe staples

Black pumps: If you have only one pair of shoes in your wardrobe, it had better be a pair of pumps. This is because a classic pair of black pumps pair well with all outfits and all occasions whether it is office hours, a night out with friends or a weekend getaway.

White trainers: Get yourself a pair of comfortable white fashion trainers. On the days when your feet are tired and you can’t deal with heels or boots, they are the perfect shoes to slip on, whether you are wearing a dress or jeans.

The LWD: On the other side of the LBD is the little white dress. White is such a neutral and beautiful color that pairs with just anything, and this is why the little white dress is also a hit and had grown to become a wardrobe staple for all women.

Dark wash denim: If you want denim that never goes out of style and that is still as beautiful in five years’ time as it is now, go for dark wash denim. The skinnier the better as skinny jeans are perfect for dressing up or down, and for the fact that skinny jeans fit almost every body shape possible.

Button up shirt: A button-up shirt helps you strike the perfect balance between looking casual and looking well put together. It is also an extremely versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn with jeans, with pants or with a mini pencil skirt. For a more polished appearance, go for button up shirts in materials such as silk, Tencel or viscose.

Black heels: The black heels are sometimes referred to as the savior of all evening outfits, and this is with good reason. They make any night ensemble look chic, trendy and elegant.

wardrobe staples

A leather handbag: Go for a good quality leather handbag rather than fabric handbags. A good leather handbag is like a good belt. it will serve you for years on end.

A leather jacket: Combined with a pretty dress or with jeans or leggings, a leather biker jacket is an elegant and timeless piece you’ll wear for years.

A knee-length skirt: A knee length skirt is a must have. It is work friendly, yet versatile enough to be worn in a casual manner.

A pair of flat shoes:  A pair of simple flat shoes looks right anyway you wear it and with any outfit that you pair it. Whether you are attending a formal meeting, taking the kids out to the zoo, or going grocery shopping, it is the perfect pair of shoes.

A wrap dress: A wrap dress looks good on just about everyone, and it is about the most universally flattering dress for all women, no matter the size or body shape. It can be paired with pumps for a formal occasion or evening or dressed down with a pair of flat shoes.

Denim jacket: This is a classic, elegant and timeless piece. Some women are known to own a denim jacket for upwards of ten years. It is a layering piece that layers well with just about any outfit.

Ankle boots: A shoe for any season, known for its versatility and ease. Whether the type with high heels or the type with a block heel, ankle boots are more fashionable than knew length boots and are easier to wear.

Black leggings: Find yourself a pair of flattering black leggings and hold on to them, as they will serve your wardrobe endlessly. A good pair goes with almost anything – under knit wear, with ankle boots, with a T shirt.


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