Want to burn that fat and trim down? Here are 11 top recipes to try

If you are looking to lose weight, it might surprise you to know that losing weight and trimming that waistline is not just a function of getting as much exercise as possible. If you don’t prioritize your nutrition and learn how to eat to lose weight alongside your exercising, you might very well be exercising in vain. Exercise alone means that you burn off calories then pack those calories back in with an unhealthy diet.

So exercising and physical activity in a bid to lose weight should go hand in hand with a diet that consists of foods that help you cut excess flab.

weight loss diet

But are there any such foods? Is there a diet that you can adopt that is not just healthy but that actually helps you shed the weight?

Yes, there are such foods and you’ll be surprised to find that they are everywhere in our everyday life, only that you haven’t noticed them before now.

A quick lesson in the science of weight loss foods

The secret to losing weight while eating a healthy diet is in eating meals that are packed full of protein and fiber, and with a healthy serving of healthy carbs. This combination helps to boost the body’s metabolism as well as keeps you feeling satiated for a long time, thus decreasing the need to eat often.

weight loss diet

Eating enough protein If you are trying to lose weight cannot be overemphasized. This is because protein helps with weight loss by increasing your feeling of fullness and thereby curbing your appetite and decreasing your calorie intake while increasing your metabolic rate. It is also important for you to understand that the intake of fiber is beneficial to weight loss, as it also helps to reduce appetite by filling the stomach up.

The long and short of it is that, always make sure that each of your meals contains a high-protein and fiber food.

11 simple recipes to try for weight loss

Green Tea: If you have been trying to lose weight for some time, you must know by now that green tea is touted as one of the top fat burning foods there is, all thanks to the EGCG it contains. This EGCG is a metabolism boosting compound and a study shows that four cups of green tea per day can actually lead to a weight loss of about six pounds within 2 months. But not all of us like the taste of green tea. To get all the benefits of green tea if you don’t particularly like it, consider including it in a smoothie. Flavor your green tea with spices such as lemon, nectar or cayenne pepper. You will not only get a new taste of green tea but also continue to enjoy its weight loss benefits. You can also add cinnamon to your green tea and make a smoothie with it.

weight loss diet

Whole-Grain French Toast: Use ricotta cheese for your French toast and use whole grain bread rather than white bread. Top this up with any kind of berries and cinnamon, and you get to enjoy a decadent meal while also enjoying its fat burning capabilities.

Banana and honey grapefruit: Whether as a breakfast or as brunch, eating banana and honey grapefruit is a sure way to lose weight. Grapefruit is one of the best fruits for weight loss because it has a tempering effect on insulin. It is also deceptively filling, having one of the highest water concentrations of any fruit. You therefore get full fast and will not overeat. Meanwhile, the added banana also makes you feel satiated quickly while providing enough healthy calories for your body to use.

Turkey Burgers: Instead of going the beef route, why not try turkey burgers. Turkey is an excellent source of protein that is lean, and lean protein makes us feel full for longer. Turkey particularly contains several amino acids that help us build muscle rather than fat.

Egg Salad Sandwich: Eggs are a favorite for anyone looking to lose weight. They are yummy to eat and are low in calories. Yet, they are packed full of protein which helps to curb cravings and increases your feeling of fullness. Once you have had egg for breakfast, you can also have them again for lunch in a salad sandwich.
Quinoa, Blueberry, and Kale Salad: Add carrots, quinoa, blueberry, tomatoes, kale, almonds and nori together in a salad and dress the salad with a soy ginger dressing.

Eggs Benedict, Salmon and Avocado Sauce: Here we are, talking about eggs again, this time in an eggs Benedict dish. Make eggs benedict with smoked salmon and avocado, with portobello mushrooms and a creamy avocado sauce instead of the usual hollandaise sauce.

Salmon, avocado and veggies Noodles: Why not try a noodle bowl filled with salmon, avocado, asparagus and other veggies. that are high in fiber. You are not only getting a whole lot of nutrition from the bowl of noodles but a full array of metabolism-boosting ingredients as well.

Rice and egg salad: Make some brown rice, and mix with a hard-boiled egg, green beans, plums, and walnuts. Brown rice is a fiber-packed grain that is low in calories and very high in resistant starch.

Black Beans Chili: Make black beans into a chili utilizing chili powder and jalapeños. This way, you are getting 17 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber per serving, as well as increasing your metabolism rate with the peppers which in turn increases your calorie burn rate.

Asian Rice Noodle Salad: Made with brown rice, cabbage, garlic, ginger and a protein, this Asian rice noodle salad is a perfectly healthy and easy meal to whip up. And it helps you stay full for longer as well as increase your metabolism rate.


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