Using Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Using Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Coconut oil is known for its many uses and functions. It is known to have various health purposes. This oil extracted from the flesh of the fruit of the coconut tree, and it has helped people have better skin, hair and body. It is common around India, Malaysia and the Philippines. One way to determine its help in health issues is by examining the people of this region who live very well health-wise. Although this could be as a reason of their health choices, but researchers have found that coconut oil could also help one lose weight.

Losing weight can be quite straining with breaking habits and finding new ways of living by taking weight loss pills or exercises. Essential oils has made it a little less difficult now without the hassle of weight loss pills, strenuous exercises or dieting. Coconut oil helps the body shed weight. You could be sitting down and relaxing while you burn fat.

Scientists have found that coconut oil is made up of fatty acids that can be easily metabolized: they are called medium-chain fatty acids due to their shorter chemical chain. They get absorbed easily and burn energy faster due to their nature.  Studies have shown that coconut oil helps in reducing fat in the body, especially fat in the abdominal area which is the toughest fat to lose in the body.

For ages, people have shied away from the use of coconut oil because of its highly saturated fat which is about 90% but due to new research which revealed that saturated fat had nothing to do with heart disease. The fat found in coconut oil is called the medium chain triglycerids, fat containing mainly lauric and caprylic acid as opposed to the long chain fat in steak or cheese. These lauric and caprylic acids are known for the major activities that leads to weight loss in the body. Coconut oil is void of sodium, cholesterol or carbohydrates.

Using Coconut oil for weight loss helps increase  the body’s metabolism , balances the hormone system and helps reduce hunger.

It helps Increase Metabolism

One of the many ways the body loses fat is through metabolism which is the chemical reaction that aids digestion, the faster your metabolism the easier energy burns up for you to lose fat but with a slower metabolism, food stores up as fat. Here is where coconut oil comes in, the medium chain fat in coconut oil reacts differently in the body by helping you fasten your metabolism which results to weight loss without you cutting meals and calories or having to take pills. It also reduces the pressure on the pancreas so the body can burn up energy more.  Coconut oil decreases the waist line by a fair amount, this is far healthier than skipping meals or calories. Coconut oil helps you shed weight without interfering with your eating habits and health choices.

It balances the hormone system and reduces hunger

The blood sugar plays a vital role in the loss of weight in the body. Due to Carbohydrates taken in by the body, the blood sugar loses stability by going up and down which could lead to tiredness or fatigue which makes us hungry then crave sugary foods that ends up not getting broken down but stored as fat  which then lead to weight gain. But with coconut oil energy is burnt faster without shooting up the production of insulin that causes sugar cravings. The Intake of coconut oil which contains medium chain fatty acids before or after meals helps the body to burn energy faster, including it in carbohydrate filled menus helps to make digestion slower then result to a steadier blood sugar level. One of the many reasons the body also gains weight is through candida and yeast reaction; candida causes poor concentration, fatigue and infections. Candida depends on yeast which leads to sugar craving, sugar intake thus creates weight gain. Coconut oil intake helps counter the yeast growth because it lowers the intake of sugar or carbohydrate which hinders weight loss. It also helps convert cholesterol in the body, it switches cholesterol from bad to good therefore decreasing the chances of health diseases, arthritis and other ailment.

It helps prevent cancer

Coconut oil could also help the body prevent cancer. Studies have shown that tumour cells grow and gain energy through glucose but one energy that it is unable to use is the one found in ketones. The ketones found in oil has been known to fight cancer cells also the medium chain fat found in coconut oil helps fight  certain stomach bacteria. With the absence of this bacteria, the risk of stomach cancer runs low. It has also been said that rubbing coconut oil on the stomach could reduce fat but it has not been scientifically backed.

The best form of coconut is the extra virgin one, this is gotten from the liquid extracted from the coconut milk then separating the oil from the liquid. It takes less processing methods than other forms of extraction which makes it the purest. For coconut oil to be incorporated into the diet of everyone, caution should be taken so it is not ingested too much. Start slowly and give your body time to adjust; you could start with a teaspoon a day. If taken in large quantity, the body or your stomach could revolt against you. Too much of it could also have adverse effect, one good way to start is by adding it into smoothies or food while you feel filled through the day without the need to snack at inappropriate times. A tablespoon in your coffee in the morning or using it as a cooking oil includes it into your diet. Coconut oil is known to have a very delicious taste and adds flavour into meals, this provides a more tasty way to weight loss but if you don’t like the smell of coconut oil, you can get supplements instead.


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