What if there are a few simple changes you can make to your current lifestyle that will help you feel and look better health wise?

Well, there are. Below, we expound on 8 easy peasy everyday health hacks you can adopt for a healthier you.

Hack number 1: Aim for seven or eight hours of sleep per night.

Poor sleep habits have a negative effect on the hormones related to weight gain. Inadequate sleep has a terrible effect on your weight. So, to lose weight, stay healthy, have optimal brain function and high energy levels, make sure to sleep at least seven or eight hours per night.

Hack number 2: Don’t sit at a desk for eight hours straight.

Even if your job mandates you to sit at a desk, make sure you get up from your sitting position ever so often, so as to lessen the pressure on the base of your spine. You can also make the switch to a standing desk, and aim to stand for about half of your workday. You will save yourself problems such as chronic back pain and herniated disks.

Hack number 3: Fall in love with raw vegetables.

The less cook on the vegetable, the better for you. So, aim to eat your veggies unmodified and uncooked. If you cannot simply stomach raw vegetables, make sure to include them in almost everything you cook. Green pepper in your omelet, broccoli with your steak, carrots in your brownies.

Hack number 4: Change your pillow often.

Our pillows are often the filthiest things on our beds, sometimes harboring as much as 16 various species of fungal spores. To avoid respiratory infections, use your pillow for no more than two years before changing it.

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Hack number 5: Be tactical in the arrangement of snacks.

Store your unhealthy food and snacks on your topmost shelf where your hands cannot easily reach, as storing unhealthy snacks at sight level may worsen your cravings. On the flip side, move more healthy snacks such as apples and baby carrots to the middle shelf.HACKS 2.png

Hack number 6: Get out into the fresh air.

Research shows that spending time outdoors leads to greater vitality, improves mood and provides the energy needed to get through the days.

Hack number 7: Use the stairs

Forgo the elevator for stairs. By so doing, you get your circulation up, and promote your heart health. Recent research also shows that taking the stairs gives you the same short-term energy boost that a 50mg dose of caffeine will do. What more, it is a great way to work some exercise into your schedule.

Hack number 8: Go grocery shopping with cash only

If your grocery money is limited, you are more likely to stock up on healthy foods rather than buying calorie-loaded snacks. You are more tempted to buy junk if you are using a credit or debit card for your purchase.

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