Not so complicated; 10 simple hacks for a healthier you

If you are anything like I am, your life is probably messy and busy and filled with twists and turns and unexpected surprises, both good and bad. And if you are anything like I am, I guess your focus should be on making your life easier and the best way to uncomplicate life is to be healthy. If we can make our bodies, strange and complex organisms in of themselves, function more effectively so that we pay less doctor visits and lose less time to sick days, why not?

We have compiled ten hacks for a healthier you. While these hacks are easy to follow (that’s why they are called hacks in the first place), they are however in no way, form or manner shortcuts to health and wellness.
Save yourself time, money and stress as you hack your way to a healthier you.

Practice mindful eating: Why not sit down at a table to eat instead of scarfing down your food in front of the TV. No matter how good your diet is and not considering how regularly you exercise, you belittle all the hard work you do when you don’t practice mindful eating. Mindful eating entails having a good understanding of what food goes into your body, the quantity of the food, and what that food is meant to do for your health. When you practice mindful eating, you stand a higher chance of succeeding at your diet plan, stand a much better chance of ditching the weight and keeping the weight off. Even if you are on the best diet to lose weight and don’t practice mindful eat, the odds re against your success.

Get in your daily exercise while watching your favorite show: We all love to say there is not enough time in the day especially when confronted with a task we would very well avoid. You say there is no time for the gym or to exercise, yet you can find time to watch 2 hours of TV in the night. Now, why don’t you plan your daily workout session in front of the TV, and get in some quality exercise time while watching that favorite show. This way, you get to enjoy the benefits of exercise while catching that great show. It’s called multitasking, and your body would love it and thank you for it.

Get the day stared with lemon water: To rid your system of toxins, alkalize your body, and to ensure that your digestive system is up to par, start your day with a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon. Lemon water is also beneficial in helping you fight off inflammation, and in giving you energy. In fact, it provides an all-natural health boost.

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Prep your meals for healthier choices: We all are guilty of grabbing the poor lunch choice because there is simply nothing else to eat. You can avoid that by prepping your meals on weekends or on less busy days and then finishing up the cooking in a matter of minutes in the mornings. You can prepare breakfasts and lunches this way, making healthier choices which are great for your body.

Chew gum to tame your cravings: For the emotional eaters who sometimes eat out of boredom and not hunger, chewing gum is a great way to tame cravings. Rather than rummaging through the fridge, why not pop a piece of bubblegum instead. It’s been known to take the mind off of the sweat treat it was fixated on.

Scrape your tongue to rid it of toxins: Scraping your tongue is much more effective than simply using a toothbrush when it comes to getting rid of bacteria. This process removes toxins that would have been reabsorbed into your body and by so doing improves your immunity. What more, it fights bad breath and improves your oral health.

Sleep on the left side to reduce the pain of heartburn: Sleeping on the left side can relieve the symptoms of heartburn. Studies show that how you sleep can really affect your heartburn issues whether positively or negatively, and sleeping on your left makes you more comfortable while sleeping on your back or on the right side can make heartburn worse.

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Drink water to control your stress: The benefits of water to the human body seems endless. It is beneficial to your kidneys, your muscles, and skin. But did you know that not drinking enough water increases your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. The more dehydrated that you are, the more susceptible to stress you will be. And the terrible truth is that cortisol is a hormone that also increases your cravings for sweet things. And the regular consumption of sweet thigs will have a negative impact on your weight. So, it is the cycle from hell. If you want to control your stress and control your weight, drink enough water.

Take care of your teeth and eyes: Follow your dentist’s instructions and brush twice daily. Floss your teeth daily as well, and free yourself from a lifetime of dental problems. In fact, a new study has shown that flossing can even play a role in preventing heart disease. Also, make sure to take good care of your eyes. This you can do by following the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes on a backlit device such as a laptop or a smartphone should be followed by a 20 second break within which you allow your eyes wander over an object that is 20 feet in the distance.

Park your car and walk: If you drive, parking at the far end of a parking lot or very far from an entrance and walking the distance is a great way to catch extra exercise if you already have a regular exercise schedule and a great way to exercise if you don’t have a regime. And if you catch the train or bus to work, get off a stop early and walk.


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