No Sweat, No Gain: 15 Benefits of Losing Weight With Exercise.

If you constantly only think of exercise without hitting the gym, your exercisemat or just going out doors for a brisk walk, congratulations that counts asexercise too! That’s healthy mental exercise but I guarantee you won’t lose anyweight with that!

It’s great to see how perspectives on dieting, healthy eating, exercise and weight loss are generally evolving rapidly. With exercise, however, there always does seem to be some resistance (no pun intended) at some point. Perhaps because it’s considered by some as a ‘chore’, ‘stressful’ ‘painful ‘ ‘boring’ etc?

Does this sound like you?? There are dozens of fun ways to lose weight through exercise:yoga, aerobics, swimming, dance, hiking and so much more. Find out what kind ofexercise works for you, what you truly enjoy and go for it!

 Here are 15 reasons why you should also enjoy all the fantastic benefits of exercise while you’re on your journey to your target weight.

Decreases Your Appetite

 When blood sugar levels drop drastically, you start feeling hunger pangs. What regular exercise does is prevent blood sugar levels from dramatically fluctuating. When muscles are regularly exercised, the amount of oxidized fat increases while the amount of carbohydrate burned is reduced. In essence, you can start losing inches fast through exercise as it turns fat to energy and carbohydrate to muscle.

Movement Gives You Energy

In addition to losing weight, are you also tired easily or struggling with fatigue? Maybe you are not but there is nothing wrong in seeking to function at your peak. What exercise will do for you in this situation is call forth adrenalin that is stored in the body and burning up resultant build up leaving you clear headed and reinvigorated. Quick tip: Next time you’ve had a really stressful day at work and are totally exhausted, resist the temptation to drop off once you get home, instead spend 30 minutes in exercise and notice how your energy levels quickly rise again.  

 Reshape Your Body.

While this method won’t be as quick as surgery, I guarantee the after-effects will be much safer and far more reaching. Because in trying to lose weight in a targeted area of your body, other areas invariably benefit. Is there a part of your body you would love to reshape? Are flabby arms and thighs a hidden source of distress? Identify what areas you would like to reshape and suitable exercises for it ie core, resistance, etc. And then? Go for it!

Improves Your Health.

Not just physical health but just as importantly, mental health as well. Not only does regular exercise aid in your journey to your target weight but it also improves your body’s immunity to fight off diseases and manage health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Thankfully, more clinical psychologists who deal in obesity, weight-related issues as well as mental health, are encouraging patients to incorporate exercise into their treatment, to further enhance recovery.  

Replace Your Addictions  

Not all addictions are bad! Exercise is definitely one of the positive ones. Once you discover the immense benefits of regular, sustained, organised physical activity, the process of eliminating negative addictions becomes so much easier. For instance, it would be very hard to find someone who runs or swims regularly who smokes, as smoking interferes with such activities by making it harder to breathe. What addictions are you trying to break off from? Can you see any of the hundreds of the exercise routines helping to break free?

Promotes Better Sleep

Say goodbye to insomnia! Regular physical activity not only helps you fall asleep much easier but also greatly improves the quality of your sleep. That means a deeper more restful snooze without the restless tossing and turning. But don’t drop off right after your workout, energy levels are quite high then. Use some time to wind down before turning in.

Improves Your Sex Life

Is your sex drive failing or feeling quite lack lustre these days? Well exercise is sure to provide a much-needed boost. Exercise increases flexibility strengthens and tones muscles and significantly improves blood circulation which can boost your sexual performance and pleasure.    

Improves Your Mood

It’s impossible to be depressed while exercising. Exercise not only reduces the level of cortisol in the body (a hormone linked to stress) but also increases the level of endorphins, called the happy hormone, which lifts your mood naturally. Ever noticed that after exercise, people are generally energised and more upbeat?  

Boosts Your Memory:

Do you find yourself losing track of things easily? Being absent minded and mentally stressed? Exercise provides further oxygen to the brain as well as the release of certain chemicals that actively help you combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Healthier Complexion

That attractive, healthy glow from exercise unfortunately can’t be bottled! You’ve got to work at it! Exercise circulates oxygen and other essential nutrients through tiny capillaries to your skin leaving your skin younger and healthier looking.

Helps You Stay Young

Aside from further weight gain and the difficulty faced in shedding fat as we grow older, sometimes individuals, as they grow older, are beset with physically debilitating issues such arthritis, backaches, waist pain, wrinkled skin, sagging buttocks etc. With regular exercise, you can be sure of flexibility in your joints, healthier hair, skin and body and an overall more positive self- esteem and image.

Great Use of Your Time:

Got an extra 30 minutes before a meeting and don’t want to waste it? Exercise! Neck, wrist, ankle exercises, stretching, facial yoga etc are all fun physical activity you can do in a sedentary position with minimal stress. Alternatively, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs on your way to your next meeting.

Great Way to Bond

If you don’t like exercising alone, join an exercise group where you share similar goals and can keep each other accountable. Or set up one with friends, neighbours or colleagues. It’s a great way to engage in some shared physical activity and bond while staying accountable to individual and group goals.


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