We all know about the amazingness of exercise, how it can help you manage weight, prevent chronic diseases, and improve your memory. Indeed, exercise does have plenty of amazing benefits, and one more benefit has been added to this exhaustive list; Exercising can do wonders for your sex life.

Groundbreaking work in Exercise Science and Health Promotion now shows that being active is a potent aphrodisiac for both men and women. Research shows that regular exercise in men appears to be a natural Viagra, and is associated with a lower risk of erectile problems. Several sedentary middle-aged men were assigned to take part in a vigorous exercise program for nine months in a recent study. At the end of the period, these men reported more frequent sexual activity, enhanced sexual function, as well as greater sexual satisfaction.

In another study, young women who participated in intense cycling for 20 minutes before watching an X-rated film displayed a higher level of physiological sexual arousal than those that did not exercise before seeing the film. Their sexual response was measured by a device that assesses vaginal blood flow.

So, how exactly does exercising help you get a better sex life? Here’s how:

Exercising improves your blood circulation.

It’s a no brainer that working out helps the blood in your body flow better. What a lot of us have not stopped to consider that this improved blood flow also affects the genitals. This is because exercising is an entire body experience that keeps all muscles, nerves and blood vessels performing at peak levels. Good blood flow to your privates increases sexual libido and helps to reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction for men.

Exercising helps you to develop flexibility and strength.

Exercising regularly will allow you to become more flexible and will build up your reserves of strength, and this is a great thing if you want to become more adventurous in the bedroom. There are certain sexual positions that will require toned muscles, and exercising is about the only way to tone those muscles.

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Exercising reduces stress.

Stress causes the human body to produce an abundance of cortisol, and this can over time decrease interest in sex. Stress is a mood killer in the bedroom, and regular physical exercise helps to drive down your stress level. On the other hand, exercise produces feel-good endorphins and reduces your cortisol levels. It thus has the double-edged advantage of reducing stress while revving up the sex drive.

Exercise is a confidence booster and makes you feel sexy.

When you work out often, you are more likely to think of yourself as more good looking than you would if you don’t work out. Exercise is thus a huge confidence booster for both men and women, and this confidence comes handy in bedroom matters. When you like how your body looks, odds are that you will like to show that body off to your partner.

The long and short of it is that staying active leads to a more positive body image, and a positive body image leads to a higher probability of initiating and engaging in sexual activities.

The very best kinds of exercise for peak sexual performance

It is important to first understand that any exercise is good for you and your sex drive. It doesn’t matter whether you are going the cardio route, or if you are running, doing yoga or lifting weights. Any exercise trumps no exercise any day anytime.

This is why an erstwhile sedentary person who starts working out in any way will notice an improvement in their libido.

This said, there are however some kinds of exercise that work best if you are looking to get some action in the bedroom. They are:

Glute bridges

Lay on a mat with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Your palms should be on the floor at your sides. Rest a dumbbell or plate on your pelvis and steady it with your hands as you go.

Push through your heels while focusing on your core and raising your pelvis off the ground. Make sure that your upper back and shoulders stay glued to the mat. Once you reach a stiff bridge, squeeze your glutes. You can now slowly lower back down.

These work the pelvic floor, as well as help build strength for your hamstrings and glutes. This invariably increases your thrusting power which can come in handy when trying out different positions during sex.

Jump squats

Put your arms down at your side while standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Squat down, while bringing your arms out in front of you. Jump up while rising and pushing your arms down to your sides immediately your feet come off the ground with the momentum. Drop immediately into another squat and put up your arms as your feet come back to the ground.

This is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that can get the body primed for intense sex sessions. They get your heart rate up and improve leg strength and stabilization.

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We all need some level of core strength for a satisfactory sexual session, and planks is one of the ways to build core strength. It helps to build the muscles around your abs, pelvis, and back, all of which you use when having sex.

To do planks, begin in a push-up position and then drop to your elbows. Make sure that your feet are no more than shoulder-width apart while you ground your toes into the floor. Make sure that your core is tight and that your lower back is not sagging. Roll your shoulders back and down while your neck and head are held neutral to maintain a straight line. Hold that position for at least one minute before starting over.


Kegels guarantee stronger pelvic muscles, and stronger pelvic muscles mean better sex. To perform Kegel exercises effectively, you must first identify the right muscles. To do this, simply stop urination midstream. Those muscles you used to stop urination are the ones you need to do Kegels.

To do Kegels, contract the said muscles and hold for 10 seconds. Release for 10 seconds. Contract again for 10 seconds, and release for 10 seconds. Continue the process for at least 10 times.

Caveat emptor

It is important to understand that while exercise affects your sex life positively, it should not in isolation be considered the cure-all for all sexual dysfunctions or dissatisfaction. It only helps you enjoy a better sex life, all other things being equal.


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