Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Want to Start a Low Carb Diet

Want to start a low carb diet? It is a great decision you are about to make, and you’re definitely heading on the right track. Many people also go on a low carb keto diet which involves cutting down carbs and eating more fats.

 However, before you start a lowcarb diet, here are some common mistakes you should take note of and avoid on the long run:

  • Avoiding balanced diet:

Never forget your balanced diet. This is extremely important for your low carb diet. You can plan days that you will have a low carb high fat diet plan (also low carb keto diet), a low carb low fat high protein diet plan and a high carb low fat diet plan. This helps you regulate the intake of food in your system.

For instance, you can have eggs and fish in the morning for a keto diet, roasted chicken and little rice in the afternoon for the low carb low fat high protein diet plan, and then a bowl ofspaghetti and red meat for breakfast the next day to represent the high carblow fat diet plan. However, you should not eat too late at night if you want totake dinner. You can choose to have a low carb high protein diet at night.

  • Skipping important meals:

Skipping meals is not a good way to be on a low carb diet. You have to eat at the accurate time so that your diet won’t be futile. If you skip your low carb high fat diet in the morning, then you will be losing out the important meal of the day—breakfast. In addition to that, you will be missing a great part of your diet that would work.

Skipping meals also prevents you from maintaining a healthy diet and makes you lose the valuable nutrients in the food.

  • Eating the diet at the wrong time:

Also, if you want to maintain a balanced low carb diet, you have to eat at the right time. Your low carb high fat diet should be taken in the morning, while your low carb low fat high protein or low carb high fat or high carb low fat can be taken in the afternoon. This is because during the day, your body needs excess sources of energy so you can be active. Meanwhile, at night, you should take your low carb low fat diet for dinner so that your stomach does not accumulate so many calories.

  • Not doing exercising:

You should not skip your exercisefor any reason. As much as you want to reduce your carb intake, it does notmean that you should forget your exercise.

The exercise will assist in your diet so you can lose extra calories. It will also help to make your body fit and further supports the purpose of your diet.

After a morning exercise, you should eat high carbs and low fats in order to renew your energy. This helpsyou to retain a healthy diet and increase your metabolism (because exerciseordinarily increases metabolism) as it is extremely healthy for the body to gothrough the process of metabolism.

In addition, if you have been exercising before, you should take enough carbs to renew your energy.

  • Not drinking enough water:

Water helps to make your system pure. It better helps for your food to be taken into your system properly. If you make the mistake of not taking water in a low carb diet, then your food may not digest like it should. This affects your diet greatly as it promotes a healthy diet for your body.

Water also helps to easily breakdown food in your system. This helps the results of your low carb diet improve faster.

Apart from supporting your diet, not drinking enough water can affect your system in other ways. It prevents your body from fighting certain bacteria and will also help to

  • Stopping carbs:

Being on a low carb diet does not mean that you should stop taking carbs at all. You should only take them moderately so that they do not accumulate in your system and cause unwanted calories in your body. 

As aforementioned, for your low carb diet, there is the provision for high carb when you have high carb and low fat diet. The basic rule is that both carbs and fats should never be taken in excess together to avoid the sided effects.

Therefore, your high carb low fat diet is a great way to renew your energy, especially during the day.

  • Not planning appropriately:

You should always plan your food intake when you’re on a low carb diet. There are also times when you have to be on a low carb and low fat diet to reduce your fat intake.

You should always have a clear plan of the diet you want to take at a particular time.

Dieters who do not draw out these plans always complain that their diets do not work well. 

In addition to this, you can have a timetable for your food so that it will be easier for you to prepare your low carbs diet.

This should be the format of your low carb diet:

  1. Breakfast: High fat and low carb/ high carb and low fat. 
  2. Lunch: High fat and low carb/ low carb keto diet.
  3. Dinner: Low fat low carb high protein/ low carb keto diet.
  • Ignoring fats:

When many people say they are on a low carb diet, they tend to ignore fats too. This shouldn’t be so, as fats are some of the most important nutrients in the low carb diet.

One way you can maintain your low carb and high fat diet is to check out low carb high fat diet recipes in caseyou also need help identifying the kinds of foods to take for this diet.


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