Whether you are a size zero, a size eight or a size fourteen, no matter what size you are, you need to remember that we are all beautiful in our own way. It is a fact of life that most of us have one thing or the other about our bodies that we would like to trade in for something better (at least in our own minds), but we need to learn to love our bodies at any size or shape and become body confident.

It’s become even easier to develop negative perceptions regarding body image with the overwhelming influence of social media in our daily lives, but we must understand that life is far too short to waste one moment of it hating our bodies.

Here are practical steps you can take to build body confidence and start loving the package that you come in:

Step away from the scale: Because numbers don’t tell the whole story, your focus when it comes to your body shouldn’t solely be the numbers the scale show. It can be hard to appreciate your body when you desperately desire to see a change, but you can begin to learn to love yourself just as you are while working towards a weight goal.

Concentrate on being healthy: Once you shift your focus away from the scale, the next thing to do is concentrate primarily on being healthy. This means opting for a healthier diet, incorporating exercise into your daily life, and following your doctor’s orders if you have any. Remember that exercise and diet help us to maintain our physical and mental well-being, so go ahead and choose physical activities that you enjoy. When you are healthy from the within out, it will ooze out of you in swirls of body positivity.

Refuse to join in body shaming conversations: Never join your friends to have conversations that center around what they don’t like about their bodies. Never feel pressured into mentioning a body part you don’t like because your friend mentions a flaw in her/his own body. And never ever engage in a shaming body conversation directed at someone else. Learn to celebrate the positives instead.

Never compare your body to other people’s: Because we are besieged in the media daily by what the fashion industry refers to as the ideal body, it can be difficult to refrain from comparing yourself against these ideals unfavorably. But you will do yourself a world of good if you can make a conscious effort not to compare your body to any other person’s, whether your sister’s, cousin’s, brother’s, neighbors, or that runway model that the fashion industry says you should strive to look like. You are uniquely you, and there will never be another body shaped exactly like yours is, so quit the comparison. Nothing good comes out of it.


Focus on the great things your body can do and does rather than how it looks: Shift the focus from what your body looks like to the great things it can do. For most of us, our bodies have functioned well since we were little and have brought us safely to where we stand today, so this is something to celebrate. If you’ve ever had babies, you need to sometimes sit in awe of your body producing living, talking human beings rather than the stretch marks your post pregnant body gave you. This little shift in focus is enough to get you appreciating your body more.

Pamper your body: When we spend money, time and attention on something, we tend to hold that thing in high esteem. Do this for your body and you will feel better living in it. Every once in a while, treat yourself to a massage, facials, a spa break or whatever makes your body feel rejuvenated. Get the skin care products best suited for your skin and never ever scrimp on skincare products.

Embrace your quirks and oddities: We all have them, so you might very well go ahead and accept yours. Did you know that the fashion industry is nowadays recruiting models that are not typical, models that have quirks and oddities that they have embraced? So, go ahead and become your own model. Embrace that thing that you before now found odd in your body. In fact, go right ahead and celebrate it.

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Don’t be a perfectionist: While there is nothing wrong with wanting to become a better version of yourself, expecting everything to be perfect is setting yourself up for heartbreak. Do what you can to improve your body’s appearance if you must, but always remember that it will never be totally perfect. And you have to be okay with this because no one is perfect.

Wear great clothes: What we wear on our bodies can either boost or wreck our confidence. Give your confidence an instant boost by dressing well, starting from good, well-fitting underwear. Then layer the great underwear with great clothes and good shoes. And remember, don’t follow trends when it comes to clothing. What looks great on a celebrity might not look good on you, so concentrate on finding the shape and style of clothing that flatters your body type.

In Conclusion

As a body-confident individual, feel free to be yourself, to follow your dream, and fulfill your potential.  And remember that improving your body confidence has nothing do with looking a certain way or losing/gaining weight. Rather, it has everything to do with your own perception of the appearance and aesthetics of your body.

So go on, embrace yourself.


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