Amazing Health and Fitness Apps That You Should Have

The popular saying “your health is your wealth” can never be over-flogged because that’s an undeniable fact. If you don’t care for your health by eating right, keeping fit and going for regular checkups, then you’re at risk of falling sick, not able to work and earn income as a result, spending a huge amount of money to treat what could have been prevented and dying prematurely. Most times, the case may be that you’re uncertain about whether or not you’re eating the right way or having the proper workout. With the invention of handy technologies, this shouldn’t be the case because technology works to make life much easier. The secret to weight loss is not just about taking weight loss pills/supplements, going for weight loss programs, and so on. Apps can be very useful to you too as they can help you with a number of things such as weight loss tips, dieting (whether it is low carb diet, low carb high-fat diet, low-fat diet, and so on), setting meal plans for weight loss

According to a recent study, participants who used fitness apps were much more active and had a lower body mass index compared to non-users. The apps help people overcome barriers like a lack of understanding or organization, which leads to better exercise habits. Over time, these improved habits can result in big changes. There are various apps you can install on your phone to guide you through keeping fit and staying healthy; they include:


Meditation Studio

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Meditation provides your body with the ability to fight off stress, anxiety, insomnia and tackle situations that appear challenging. With Meditation Studio, you have at your fingertips various collections that address different kinds of life challenges like happiness, pain, stress, sleep, performance, confidence etc. You can also reach out to influential experts around the globe like Michael Apollo, Emily Fletcher, Dr. Elisha Goldstein, etc. via the app.


Home Workout

If you are looking for the perfect health app for beginners, even if you are just interested in how to lose weight, then you should try Home Workout. This app has a collection of workouts that you can do at home with no equipment. This means that the only thing between you and starting the workout is a download button. Some of the exercise routines on the app include stretching, warm-ups, strength training, weight training, and so much more. You also get video and animation guides, charts, and more tracking. It is really good, especially if you don’t want to spend money buying exercise equipment.


This app helps you keep track of the food you consume in order to help maintain your blood glucose level. This is a great app for those dieting. It is like a diabetes detective that warns you to slash certain kind of foods from your diet. Keeping a mental note can be somewhat tricky and what’s the need of stressing yourself about remembering what you ate yesterday when this app can do that for you easily.


Lifesum is an interesting app that combines healthy diet and exercise. It doesn’t compel you to keep hardcore details of every single meal. Rather, it offers basic guidelines for you to follow. The app requests for things like gender, height, weight, and your fitness goals. The app gives each person personalized recommendations from the provided info. It also includes niche things such as micro tracking for those on specialized diets. The food and exercise tracking is free for everybody alongside some social features. Every other thing requires a subscription, which is usually paid up front for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time.

Runtastic Running and Fitness Tracking
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Runtastic is one of the most common health apps. It is routinely on the forefront of new technologies like Android Wear. In addition, it has a number of cool features such as stats, graphs, exercise tracking, and so on. It even has a shoe tracker, which helps you to know when to get a new pair of shoes. The subscription is also relatively inexpensive compared to many of its competitors.

This app is very popular in the world of health and fitness, it keeps track of everything you eat. If you want to grow some muscles or shed off some weight, this app helps you reach your goals by providing you with the best options of what to eat.


Ladies would find this app very useful. The function of this app is to track your menstrual cycle and remind you of your next period. This app believes it is dealing with an adult, so it doesn’t butter up words or use euphemisms, it calls it what it is.


This app is your one-stop pharmacy for those times your doctor hands you a long list of prescriptions and you’re frustrated about where to get them all. All you have to do is upload your prescriptions and order for your medications, no stress. An added bonus that comes with this app is that you get to know what side effects you will experience with each medication so that you don’t fret when you start having these reactions. You can also use the app to locate and book lab tests with suitable doctors around your area.



If you are the type that is highly conscious about what ingredients are in the packaged food you buy, then you would love this app. By just clicking a button, this app allows you to know the exact contents in supermarket products. It also rates the nutritional values of the products from a scale of 0-10. It can notify you if a food item contains lactose or gluten and also suggest healthier alternatives that you could pick from.


Yoga Daily Fitnessapps 4

Yoga Daily Fitness is a good, simple yoga app. It features a variety of poses and exercises that can increase flexibility, core strength, and all kinds of other health benefits. This app has some good daily routines to get you started.

So do you want to burn that fat and stay healthy? You should get at least one of the apps above.


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