7 Things You Need to Know For Successful Muscle Building

As far as muscle building is concerned, the internet is awash with theories and myths, methods and techniques. It does not matter what the intention behind the muscle building is – health, beauty, performance, or three of them put together.  The advice is everywhere, and they come in all forms – the good, the bad and the unthinkable.

When the rules are so many and the options/preferences just as many, one tends to slide into confusion. Which one to go for? Trust me, it’s much simpler than it seems. You just need to know the basics.

Getting stronger requires a lot of work not just at the gym, but outside it too. How you live about your daily life outside the gym matters almost as much as the workout does. Your growing muscles pay attention to how much rest/sleep you’re getting as well as which food you’re eating.

This article explains 7 most basic facts you need to know about muscle building ranging from eating, training, and daily living.

Routine is Not Good For You

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Working out at a specific set time of day is great but having a routine workout plan is not. The human body adapts quickly. You should always try your best to shake things up a little bit. Having your workout schedule and plan mapped out is great for consistency but bad for muscle growth. Don’t let your body adjust to your routine; the idea is to keep it uncomfortable enough to reform itself. Routine won’t give you that. A plan that keeps you consistent is great but a routine workout is bad for you.

Eat Frequently and At the Right Time

Eating a couple of times – maybe five or six –  light meals per day keeps your body’s metabolism very active. Lack of constant eating can lead to a loss in body substance and usually, the first to go is the muscle.

You should have enough food around with you always to keep feeding your hungry growing body.

Also, post-workout food is better consumed as soon as possible to enable muscles to grow as quickly as possible. Your body really needs it then. What better time to give it than then?

 Eat Some Protein


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Protein contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. A sufficient amount of protein in your system will balance your nitrogen positively. Also. being in an anabolic state will encourage muscle growth.

To keep your muscle tissues healthy and growing, you need amino acid. And protein is the key source of amino acid. Having just enough to function properly is a piece of advice you should remember. Because too much of it could be bad for you, especially if the ones from animal sources.

Eat Some Carbs

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In addition to protein, your body will need enough carbohydrates to keep calories at your maintenance level. This will provide you with energy as well as protect you from the calorie deficit. Calorie deficiency will only lead to rapid depletion of the protein storage in your body.  Minimally processed carbs such as veggies, steel-cut oats, and quinoa are more advisable.

Take Enough Sleep/Rest

You’ll be sabotaging your efforts if you don’t take enough sleep. After the intensive training your body requires it. Lack of it makes it increasingly difficult for muscles to build. Most of your body growth occurs when you’re sleeping.

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Most muscle groups can bounce back in approximately 48 hours so taking every other day off is a great idea, you should take some rest. Having some successive days of intensive training works for almost everyone but the rest is just as essential too.

It is good to push your body hard, to make it feel the impact of your workout. However, it is also important to know your body’s limit. Know when to take a step back in order to relax.

Reduce the Stress

Extra stress outside the one you get in the gym can be draining both mentally and physically. And you really don’t want that for yourself. Your growth performance can be highly affected.

A few minutes of undisturbed silence is an ideal refresher. You will be shocked to find out how much stress unplugging from the world and keeping to yourself for about 15 minutes daily can relieve you of. Try it out some time.

Also, being positive and motivational is essential to your growth success. You need more positive and motivational people around you. 

Drink More Water 

As a case of general health, consuming a lot of water has a beneficial impact on physical fitness and, naturally, plays an important role in building muscle. The importance of water for a healthy and functional living cannot be overstated. Although water does not supply energy in the way carbs and fat do, it helps in the transformation of energy.

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As a muscle builder, you need water as much as a fish underwater. Firstly, to keep your water level high and effective. You need to stay hydrated so drinking enough cups of water can help you achieve that since you perspire during your workouts.

Also, your performance the following day will decline if you don’t replenish after each workout. Water also helps out with the lubrication joints in the body. It makes up the essential components of the synovial fluid, which is the lubricating fluid between joints. To remain healthy while building those killer muscles, drink more water.

So, as you go on your daily search for diet tips, and exercise programs that help you achieve your fitness goals, let the above 7 most basic facts remain in your mind. Let them guide the healthy choices you eventually make. They are as essential as water. Everyone needs them for a successful workout and it works for everyone. I hope you reach that bodybuilding goal you set for yourself!


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