When we talk about hacks, we talk about using easier methods and systems to improve the quality of your life. There are hacks for smoother, cleaner skin; for living a healthier life; for aging well; for exercising effectively; and for almost everything under the sun.

So, why not learn some hacks for having a healthier, more sizzling sex life?

Sounds amazing, right?

Here are the hacks you too can adopt in order to better your sex life:

A good dose of a healthy diet

Seems everything always comes back to a healthy diet, doesn’t it? If it seems so, it is because the diet is a very important part of any person’s life and adopting good or bad healthy habits will have an effect (good or bad) on how you look, feel and act.

Being very busy often means that we eat foods that are available on the go, and these are the very foods that make us have less energy and more tired, and that makes us feel depleted. Often, these foods lack important nutrients and vitamins and thus have an adverse effect on our sex drives because our bodies are extremely busy trying to detoxify, manage insulin levels and make effective use of what nutrients are available so that it keeps surviving. Because your body is doing all these, it just doesn’t have the energy for sexual health and wellness.

To perform at your best sexually, make sure you eat nutrient-dense foods that supply all the nutritional needs of your body. Limit your intake of processed foods and trans-fats. Reduce your alcohol consumption and go for low carb, high protein foods.

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Take lots of rest

Relaxation is an essential component of having a healthy sex life, just like it is important for all other aspects of your life. Our everyday lives are very busy and often incredibly stressful. Our sympathetic nervous system is on for the most part of the day as we commute, work, balance life and family and engage ourselves in a whole lot of activities.  This sympathetic nervous system is our fight or flight nervous system and floods our body with hormones that are not too good for us.

People who are chronically stressed out have a harder time digesting their food and feeling sexual as the body puts those inefficient systems on the back burner in order to concentrate on dealing with survival.

Taking the time to relax and destress is the only way to rid our bodies of these hormones, but unfortunately, a lot of us don’t take the time to relax. Going into a sexual session still tensed up will simply add sex to your list of chores, and will not allow you to enjoy it as the beautiful thing it really is.

As much as you can, make the time every day to unplug from everything. Get a massage every now and then. Go to the beach. Do yoga. Meditate. Curl up with a good book or a good movie. Shut down your phone. Just make sure that you set aside some time so that you can access your parasympathetic nervous system and feel the stress hormones leave your body.


If you are a fitness aware person, you will probably know about the wonders that adequate physical activity can do for your sex life. It is one of the best ways to reduce the stress in your life while getting connected to your body, becoming a happier person and boosting your testosterone levels, which is an important sex hormone.

A word of caution though: Over-exercising can have a dampening effect on your libido, especially when you are going for high-intensity exercise. So, be careful to practice moderation when you exercise.

The very best exercises for a healthy sex life are cardio exercises which include running, swimming, jumping rope, sprinting, and using elliptical and treadmill machines. Throw in some dancing (which is also great fun, by the way) and yoga.

The underlining thing is to find a fun exercise that you absolutely love, and do it a few times a week.

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Drink more water

Whether you are a man or a woman, drinking lots of water in order to ensure proper hydration will also boost your sex life. Dehydration makes us all feel fresh and vibrant, and because sexual stimulation does have an emotional and psychological component, poor energy levels may interfere adversely with sexual stimulation.

Also, poor tissue hydration has a direct effect on the pace of energy generating processes, and this deprives the body of the physical stamina that is needed for sexual stimulation and act of intercourse.

Furthermore, water acts as a filtration agent that helps to rid the human body of impurities and toxins. When water levels in the body are low, the impurities and toxins build up in the tissues and compromises biochemical balance, ultimately affecting endocrine hormones and libido. For women, tissue dehydration leads to vaginal dryness, and this can interfere with libido and sex drive.

For men, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, and one of these is hydration levels. Dehydration reduces blood volume and affects a man’s mood, so drinking water helps to maintain an erection for longer.

So why not drink up?

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Put on some socks

It turns out that wearing socks in bed is not just for aesthetic reasons. It’s been found out that socks do improve orgasms. It has been discovered that one of the major deterrents to orgasm is being cold. Socks warm the feet and by extension warm your body, thereby increasing the chances of orgasming. So, throw on some socks in the nights, and if it’s an exceptionally cold night, make sure you and your partner dig deep under some duvets and blankets.


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