16 great but simple beauty hacks for a fast-paced life

Is your life extremely busy and do you find yourself going out again almost as soon as you step in? If your answer is yes, welcome to the modern world. We are all very, very busy. But busyness need not get into the way of looking your best and putting your best foot forward every single time.

To ensure that you remain beautiful at every time, here are 16 great but simple beauty hacks for you:

beauty hacks

Makeup removers belong next to the bed: The farther your makeup remover is to you, the more likely you are to go to bed with your makeup still on, and this is a beauty no-no. Sleeping with your makeup still on increases your risk for infections and acne breakouts. And we get it, you’re too busy and too tired to make it all the way to the sink, so why not make sure your makeup remover is always next to your bed. That way, you have no excuse but to take off the makeup.

A lipstick that lasts all day long: If you want your lipstick to last all day simply because you don’t have the time or energy for touch ups during the day, simply apply your lipstick, put tissue paper over your lips and then lightly dust translucent powder on top of the tissue.

Mascara that lasts just a little longer: Your dried mascara can now be revived with just a few drops of your contact lens saline solution, provided that the mascara is less than three months old. If it’s older than three months, don’t ask for an eye infection. Throw the damn thing away.

Use conditioner instead of shaving cream: If you ever run out of shaving cream and must absolutely shave before heading out of the house, replace the shaving cream with conditioner. Conditioners make for a great shaving cream.

No more inner thigh chaffing: If you are the type whose inner thighs chaff when working out, get rid of this problem by lightly applying baby powder to the inner thighs and to any other areas that where you easily chafe.

beauty hacks

Make your nail do last just a little longer: Is your manicure growing out and is unpainted nail showing under. And you just don’t have the time right now to make it back to the nail salon? Simply apply a coat of glittery nail polish on that nail. Instantly, your nails are more beautiful. You don’t have to visit the nail salon for another week, and you still manage to retain the beauty of your nails. All with a five-minute hack.

Go from day to night with a simple smudge: If you want to create a smudgy sexy nighttime makeup look but can’t be bothered to take off your daytime makeup and then apply a nighttime one, simply smudge your eyeliner with a cotton swab. Your eyes instantly turn from a bright-eyed daytime look into a smoky eyed nighttime look.

Hide your roots: If your roots need a touch up but you don’t have the time to make it to the hair salon yet, did you know that you could create a messy look to camouflage the undergrowth. When in need of a touch up, never ever part your hair straight down. Instead, create a messy side part for a camouflage. Nobody else will know it’s a camouflage but you.

beauty hacks

Easy breezy hair waves: You want those hair curls so badly but haven’t the time to curl your hair. Simply tie your hair in a loose, low braid before going to sleep at night and loosen in the morning for easy breezy waves. One note of warning though: If your hair is more thin than thick, do not braid it too tight overnight.

A quick easy pedicure: You can give yourself an overnight and relaxing pedicure by covering each foot with a healing foot lotion or oil, and wearing socks before going to bed at night. In the morning, your feet will be supple, soft and smooth.

Use everyday products as alternatives to brand beauty products: Use green tea for skin care to eliminate redness and dark circles, almond oil for removing lipstick and other makeup as a cheaper alternative to brand makeup removers, Vaseline for taming unruly eyebrows, and coconut oil for massaging the scalp to feed your hair to make it shiny and healthier.

Make your perfume last longer: Want a perfume that lasts all day? Then make sure to apply your perfume immediately you get out of the shower. Science proves that smells stay longer when humidity is involved, so spray on immediately you are out of the shower.

A quick nail polish remover: Your nail polish coat is chipped and you need to get it off immediately, only that you don’t have nail polish remover? No problem. Simply mix lemon juice and vinegar and get dabbing. It’s as good as any store-bought nail polish remover.

Cold water is best: Never forget that cold water is best for your skin. Hot water opens up the pores and thus makes your skin more susceptible to bacteria. Cold water however cleans and then tightens the skin, which is why dermatologists advise that you wash your face with cold water at least twice in a week.

Go for wider eyes: If you want your eyes to look more awake, simply line the inner rim of your lower eyelid using a nude eye pencil.

Instant dry makeup: If you’re too busy or too much in a hurry to wait for the moisturizer, toner, or any other makeup product to dry and set, take the easy way out and go at your skin with a blow-dryer set on the cool setting. This way, you speed up the process of makeup setting. You can also do this to speed up your self-tanning process.


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